Sweet Southern Corn and BBQ Butter

Sweet Southern Corn and BBQ Butter

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What could taste sweeter than fresh corn on the cob…especially in mid February?
Where ever you can find a farm market, chances are you can support locally grown food that benefits the environment and wild life. Plus, the investment in our future, fresh farm food simply tastes great.

I serve this BBQ butter over cob corn, charcoal beef steaks, tuna steaks, baked potatoes and spread over garlic bread..you can add your twist to the list.

BBQ Butter


1/4 cup of favorite BBQ sauce
1/4 stick butter
Kosher or sea salt and ground pepper – to taste.


In a small sauce pan combine  ingredients and heat on low until warm.
Pour over golden corn, steaks, etc.


We like Himalayan pink salt and peppercorn medley.

Buy moist and plump fresh picked corn with husks attached.

Use at once, from the field to the feast.

If stored, place in a cool dry place with ears separated.

We like our corn cooked over the grill for a smoky flavor and toasty grill marks only until still crunchy.

You can baste corn or steaks with the sauce while still on the grill.

It is fun to add chili peppers, shallots. chives, scallions, rosemary or thyme to the grilled corn or BBQ sauce.

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