In the Land of You and Me

In the Land of You and Me

The video featured, “in the Land of You and Me,” was created by Kenneth Robinson who grew up in Jonesboro, AR. It certainly is a long way from what growing up in Chicago was like in many ways, but quite similar in others.

Because I remember this so well, I wanted to share this video. It does bring a smile to my face and I hope it does to yours.  I enjoy living in the present, but it is nice to also go down memory lane, when we played outside after school, took buses by ourselves in grade school without fear, and did not realize we were poor or lower income, when we certainly were.

We walked a mile to the movies, which cost .25, and saved part of our allowance so once every two months we could take the bus and elevated downtown Chicago and spend $1 to see a stage show before the movie. It could be Frankie Lane, Johnny Ray, or Frank Sinatra. We had the first TV which was a Muntz and the screen was 12 inches. You had CBS, ABC, and NBC. Before that, and still much after, the radio was the real entertainment.

As a young girl, you wore girdles, when you didn’t need them, low and behold something should wiggle. White and black gloves for dress were a must, and yes, hats.

My first train ride was at two weeks old from Chicago to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since my father worked for the railroad, we had passes. That was when the Pullman cars had the four seats you see in old movies that they converted into the upper and lower beds with those black curtains.

I’m not asking for any of it back, I’m just saying it is fun to remember.

Carol, Les & Maralyn

Carol, Les & Maralyn

Gramma & me

Gramma & me

Carol's Bunco Club MDH on Right.

Carol’s Bunco Club MDH on Right & my sister Carol 2nd from Left









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  1. Brenda Hill says:

    Thanks Maralyn and Kenneth. The video was a sweet reminder
    of the good ole days. Life seemed more simple. It
    was fun to re-visit. And now back to my 40 emails.

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